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Miles & More

Miles & More and your parking reservation

Don't just save money by booking a parking space in advance - now you can also earn Miles & More award miles.

Simply enter your Miles & More service card number in addition to your personal information and receive one award mile credited for every €1.00 in total sales.

Miles can be earned on a "Park, Sleep & Fly" booking if it is offered by the partner hotel.

Award miles credit

Of course, award miles can only be credited if you provide your Miles & More service card number when booking the parking space.

The crediting of the award miles collected when booking a parking space takes place one day after you enter the parking area with your Mobile Parking Card.

Award miles from special promotions are not shown in the store.

Further partners

Frankfurt Airport has been a new Miles & More partner since July 2022. This means that you can now earn Miles & More award miles even before your flight. All over duty free, in many stores and restaurants, and of course when using Frankfurt Airport services. 

You can find detailed information and the option to register for the Miles & More program here.

You can store your Miles & More service card number in your FRA-ID customer account and, of course, change it there if necessary. You are not yet registered with FRA-ID? Register here.

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